How Books Impact Your Subconscious

Science has proven that all beings and things around us is made of energy in its smallest form. Whether it is the fibres of your sofa, the electricity running through your heater or the ink used to print a book. Some go further by saying that even thoughts and ideas are made of energy. So you can imagine how much energy a book carries!

I would not buy into the idea that having books lying around the house would make people smarter, but having ONE person reading the books is enough to elevate the kind of energy that vibrates around the house. Just as the brain is likened to an antenna, it broadcasts and receives signals around it and picks up the positive energy broadcasted by a person who is reading nearby. The sight of a person reading becomes an image in the person’s brain and is stored away, along with other positive memories.

Although the sight of a person reading did not make the other person immediately read a book, the image and the feelings associated to it is registered in the person’s mind – and that is the crucial part. When that person repeatedly sees the same image and registers the same feelings to his/her brain, after awhile he/she will want to experience a book first hand too. And that is just the first way how books impact those around them.

Secondly, the presence of books in a setting of an office exudes the quality of the person you are dealing with. Special editions bounded and perfectly lined in sequence along the person’s shelf shows the person values truth and puts a high price on integrity. Whereas a person whose office is strewn with dog-eared paperbacks that looked forgotten under a stack of piled papers shows a disorganised person with an even more disorganised mind. Who would you choose to work with? How did the books impact those around it?

For all you know, the dog-eared book was read three times over the previous year and had not been put away to a proper shelf. But didn’t you already have a negative feeling about the person for treating books that way? Didn’t you have a better feeling about the person whose books are placed nicely on a proper shelf, although it may be a fact that those books were never read? Do you see how books impact those in its surrounding?

Thirdly, each title on a book carries a lot of weight with it. Have you ever tried reading a controversial book in a train and have people side-eye you for the book you are reading? Have you ever seen a person reading Crazy Rich Asians on a train and you feel the urge of laughing together with the person or gush about its up-coming movie? Imagine feeling intimidated when your intern reads The 48 Laws of Power during lunch break when you had used the entire hour just bitching about another co-worker?

Books, whether its title or ideas or just its presence, impact people more than just an inanimate object. The books enter our subconscious with its energy, good or bad – whether you have read it or not. I like to think books as water, it replenishes, it soothes and if you put energy to it and let it boil, it can burn you. But it can also assimilate with other elements and produce a better outcome.

So do you have any books on your shelf that you feel is begging to be read?

-Baini Mustafa

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