How to Read More

A productive person would always seek the answer to the question: how to read more. It doesn’t matter if you only read online posts or 2 books in a year – an achiever knows reading is a gateway to a myriad possibilities. So how to read more when you are time-crunched, juggling multiple roles and crash to bed at 2am?

As a person who has read more than 50 books in a year, all the while on a full time job, with two toddlers and pregnant (yep!) I would list three easiest ways to amp your reading game below!

NUMBER 1: Read What You Want To Know

One sure-fire way to lose your interest in reading after five pages is to read something that does not interest you. If you are planning to watch Crazy Rich Asians in the cinemas soon, go read Crazy Rich Asians now! You will find it a page turner because you are looking forward to catch the movie, plus you can imagine Henry Golding in your head all the time 🙂

NUMBER 2: Make It The First Thing In The Morning

Carving out 30 minutes before the kids (or anybody) wake up to read gets you into the reading zone far more effectively than 30 minutes of reading while having breakfast. Give yourself that me-time (with Henry Golding, nonetheless) the first thing in the morning.

NUMBER 3: Move On To The Next Book

If you pick up one book and the writing style does not really seep into you, you don’t really think of the story plot when you are not reading – then stop right there! Don’t waste your time and energy, or worst – kill your reading buzz. Pick up the next book! Do not procrastinate getting to the next book. If you can’t have Henry Golding in your head, then maybe you can think yourself as Julia Roberts and pick up Eat, Pray, Love. Or have Tun M’s voice in your head all the while reading A Doctor In The House.

There you have it, three ways to answer the question: how to read more. It doesn’t matter if you read fiction or non-fiction, what matters is your accustom yourself to read quality text to improve your train of thoughts 🙂

-Baini Mustafa

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