How to Read One Book A Week

There is no accurate data on the average number of books Malaysians read in a year but maybe we can just agree that it is not enough. In general, people do not read because they find reading boring and burdensome in the sense that their free time should be spent doing things that don’t require thinking. Although I would pounce in disagreement when I hear people say that, I think it is time we address this problem.

I believe everyone has their own personal reason for not making the time to read, hence I would attempt to solve this problem by suggesting how you can try to read one book a week. In my other posts, I have explained the need to choose the right kind of reading materials as this is essential in keeping ourselves interested in the book. Apart from that, it is also essential to move on to the next book once you find that the book you’re reading doesn’t ‘launch’.

Although I always preach that we should read with the purpose of gaining knowledge, for this post I would skip the nitty gritty part of that as the purpose here is simply to read one book a week. So below I outlined three ways on how to read one book a week.


Although the benefits of reading is lauded by many successful people, some people still believe that they are too busy to read or that reading does not solve their current problems. I would say that the only way to solve this is to change the attitude about reading or they can keep on trying to fix the symptoms of their problems instead of identifying its root cause. I’ve also encountered people who think that they don’t need books to help them with their life because their brains are better than that… so just imagine the amount of ideas that you can generate in that already brilliant mind once it is triggered by reading *rolls eyes*


If at all possible, get the thinnest book in the biggest font you can find – I have an immediate suggestion to make: Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson is great if you are also in need of change in your life. The reason you need to choose the easiest book to read is so that your mind registers the feeling of having completed reading one book. It is important that your brain recognises this achievement and builds pride around such wins.


We are not talking about blocking two hours from your daily schedule to read here, we are simply asking for five minutes here and there through out the day for you to glimpse through the book. Better yet, whenever you feel the urge to mindlessly browse through social media is the right time for you to pick up on your reading. Your future self will thank you for this habit because that’s when you realise that your life is not built by watching what other people are doing.

The benefits of reading one book a week far outweighs the relaxation benefit you think you are getting from watching TV or going through your News Feed in the long run. Being able to accomplish reading your first book is the only hard part, as I promise the journey would become much easier with time. Pick up your next book right after you have finished the first one, do NOT even bother to wait until the next Sunday has come if you have finished your first book earlier.

Wow, that was stern.

-Baini Mustafa

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