How Books Impact Your Subconscious

Science has proven that all beings and things around us is made of energy in its smallest form. Whether it is the fibres of your sofa, the electricity running through your heater or the ink used to print a book. Some go further by saying that even thoughts and ideas are made of energy. So you can imagine how much energy a book carries!

I would not buy into the idea that having books lying around the house would make people smarter, but having ONE person reading the books is enough to elevate the kind of energy that vibrates around the house. Just as the brain is likened to an antenna, it broadcasts and receives signals around it and picks up the positive energy broadcasted by a person who is reading nearby. The sight of a person reading becomes an image in the person’s brain and is stored away, along with other positive memories.

Although the sight of a person reading did not make the other person immediately read a book, the image and the feelings associated to it is registered in the person’s mind – and that is the crucial part. When that person repeatedly sees the same image and registers the same feelings to his/her brain, after awhile he/she will want to experience a book first hand too. And that is just the first way how books impact those around them.

Secondly, the presence of books in a setting of an office exudes the quality of the person you are dealing with. Special editions bounded and perfectly lined in sequence along the person’s shelf shows the person values truth and puts a high price on integrity. Whereas a person whose office is strewn with dog-eared paperbacks that looked forgotten under a stack of piled papers shows a disorganised person with an even more disorganised mind. Who would you choose to work with? How did the books impact those around it?

For all you know, the dog-eared book was read three times over the previous year and had not been put away to a proper shelf. But didn’t you already have a negative feeling about the person for treating books that way? Didn’t you have a better feeling about the person whose books are placed nicely on a proper shelf, although it may be a fact that those books were never read? Do you see how books impact those in its surrounding?

Thirdly, each title on a book carries a lot of weight with it. Have you ever tried reading a controversial book in a train and have people side-eye you for the book you are reading? Have you ever seen a person reading Crazy Rich Asians on a train and you feel the urge of laughing together with the person or gush about its up-coming movie? Imagine feeling intimidated when your intern reads The 48 Laws of Power during lunch break when you had used the entire hour just bitching about another co-worker?

Books, whether its title or ideas or just its presence, impact people more than just an inanimate object. The books enter our subconscious with its energy, good or bad – whether you have read it or not. I like to think books as water, it replenishes, it soothes and if you put energy to it and let it boil, it can burn you. But it can also assimilate with other elements and produce a better outcome.

So do you have any books on your shelf that you feel is begging to be read?

-Baini Mustafa

Why You Shouldn’t Read

Extensive use of emojis in our communication today is perhaps a sign that one day, the need for reading will stop. By then, the meaning of all emojis are standardised and no one should mistake the ‘high-five’ emoji as a ‘praying’ emoji. That would take a lot of advancement in the emoji business and an evolution in the way human communicate. I cannot imagine being 85 and fumbling through my list of emojis to ask my grandkids where had I misplaced my dentures. I’m a long way to 85 and I’m not even a fluent emoji user even on apps I use daily, like Whatsapp.

Although I think that we are still far from a world that requires no reading, I do believe there are reasons to caution a person from reading. As they say, a little sugar is sweet but too much would hurt. This concept also applies to reading. Let me give you three reasons why you shouldn’t read.


Oh God, this is probably the biggest bane of reading. Imagine walking around editing announcements on the notice board, Whatsapp conversations, while eavesdropping – but of course, all this editing is done only in our head. You are not Rafidah Aziz who could bluntly speak your mind and tell a radio DJ the correct proposition to use, “…with, not under…” plainly. The edit mode comes naturally and is not confined to inaccurate grammar use, it also includes shuffling and rearranging the terms used in a sentence while one speaks/writes. Yours truly, is guilty as charged.


The world of publishing is a lucrative business. Have you ever noticed the eye-catching covers in sweet pastels for romance, black and bold design for topics about being rebellious and cool or simply the name of a well-known author sprawled on a book cover is all enticing enough for people to buy. So just imagine if the writer has a five-book series about one big adventure. Are you going to buy only 3 out of 5? Of course not! And what more if you already own all 5 but the publisher is releasing a limited edition set with gold prints on the book spine? That touch of gold would definitely add class to your bookshelf, so (closes eyes) BUY! Readers are big spenders and any sane reader would buy an extra copy of the book they love, just so that they have one in mint condition.


Sometimes we don’t mean to ignore you, but we are in the middle of an interesting plot with words just bouncing off the pages that we need to put the book down (or maybe sit on it) to really make something of what you’re saying. Really. Sometimes we wish people would be graceful enough to realise that interrupting a person’s reading is just like robbing off a few frames on a film in our head, because we can never recall back our thoughts while it was at its heights. I am not saying it is good to ignore people around you because your book is more interesting but I think I’m a good person so I should caution this.

All three reasons why you shouldn’t read is just a few of the unintended effects of reading. Your language improves, you value knowledge, creativity and hard work AND you love yourself. Not too bad in exchange for not reading at all, right?

-Baini Mustafa

What Happens When You Read

I have a confession to make. I have forever been ashamed of myself for liking books, especially during my teenage years. Reading was a boring hobby and was not cool, I would tell myself that – all the while borrowing loads of book from the library to bring back home to read while on semester breaks during university. It took a lot of courage for me to come out that I love reading, what more advocating this love that has shaped me since I was young.

Since I became more open about reading, I find more people just like me on social media. People who get excited at the thought of reading, the sight of books, the joy of being alone to read. Naturally, I was hesitant with people but with time, I realise that this bunch of people are genuinely reading and loving books. I have never met them personally (maybe one or two) but knowing that there are people who exude the same energy with you about books, is priceless.

So here are three common traits we share (me and other fellow readers) that I have observed and come to love. And I believe this is what happens when you read.


Have you met a person whose hobby is reading that could not speak fluently? A person who reads might not have the loudest voice in the room but when the person speaks, you would notice that his/her idea flows easily. Sentences simply roll out from their tongue because reading has trained the person’s mind to express an idea eloquently.


If there is one way for you to feel and understand how a hungry person could kill, you need to read lots and lots of fiction. I am not saying that a person who reads would totally understand something beyond normal comprehension, but I strongly believe a person who reads would be less judgemental. If you had read A. Samad Said’s Salina, it would change your perception about prostitutes because reading the book had opened your mind that things aren’t always as it seem.


Reading by the load exposes you to a plethora of ideas and a person who reads will tend to pick up books that uphold their personal ideals. When you feed your mind with your idea of how life should be lived, backed by the myriad of books that support it, fear ceases. You are not afraid to live and show the world what you are made of. That said, a person who reads does not mind being called weird because really, who would want to be just one of the rest?

I hope I haven’t been too weird that it dispelled your interest in reading. LOL. In all honesty, coming out with my love of reading and deciding to build a website dedicated to encouraging people to read was MY BIGGEST FEAR. I guess I reached the tipping point of reading and I knew my purpose on earth is to make people read better stuff – one person at a time.

-Baini Mustafa