What to Buy for A Book Lover

Sometimes buying a book for a book lover can be very tricky. The wrong genre might be left unread or worse, offend the recipient of the gift. Imagine loving to read vampire romance and be given a book about politics! Both are about blood suckers, that’s the only thing the books have in common. Lol.

However, shopping for a gift for a bibliophile doesn’t have to be stressful. There are many options of non book gifts available that are pretty neat and cool. Below I list three gifts you can consider to buy for a book lover.


Keeping a book open is harder when your mind is busy creating scenes in the head, while your hands just can’t keep up with the weight of the book after two hours lying down in the same position. What could possibly help a book lover in this situation when the only things that matter is that you don’t lose the page! Enter Page Holder. A functional clip that helps keep the book open no matter how many times the book had fell and slammed your face.

This was originally used by musicians to keep their page open but I see many cute designs now to cater for the book lover who needs a little help with keeping the book open. Here’s one I found on easybookclip.com. Such neat tool would also reduce that slight pain on the thumb that had been pushing on the spine of the book (I know only book lovers would know this struggle is real!).



Because you are now an adult, and allowed to stay up all night to read!

Modern book lights have dimmed lighting that allows you to read, yet does not interfere the sleep of others in the room. Honestly, I do not own such gadget for fear that my reading problems would blow out of proportion and give me worse eyebags than those I already own.

I would totally recommend getting book lights for a book lover who especially loves reading novels in the middle of the night. Now all book lovers can escape sleep! Joy! 🙂


There are so many great bookends out there so this choice of gift would totally take a lot of pressure off when buying a gift for a book lover. I’ve seen Royal Selangor Pewter bookends that are so drool worthy, I think it’s worth giving up my book budget to own them. There is something more personal about receiving bookends because you know the person knows you appreciate books and you get to display to bookend as a show of affection for books and the giver.

And there are many ways you can dress up a simple bookend using spray paint and some DIY toolkit. This would add more personalisation to your gift and be much more appreciated.

So there you  have it! You don’t necessarily need to buy books for readers because there are so many other gifts out there that can complement this hobby. This post is by a book lover who knows what other book lover needs. I hope you have a better insight now on what to buy for a book lover.

-Baini Mustafa


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